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Vive Health - 8" Alternating Pressure Mattress



    Alleviates painful pressure on patients who have limited mobility or are bedridden


    Continually redistributing the weight, the air chambers inflate and deflate alternatively


    Adjust the amount of air pressure for personal comfort and support or select the static or seated setting as necessary


    Easy to set up, the digital compressor pump is exceptionally quiet to provide a restful atmosphere


    Constructed with a durable, latex-free vinyl, the waterproof alternating mattress is easy to clean


    Supporting up to 350 pounds, the mattress is engineered for even support and breathable comfort

    Customer Reviews

    Michael Kaya (Foster, US)

    Give Air Mattress

    Great product & great value at this price…..Thank You


    Timothy Maher (Azle, US)

    My dad had a double heart valve replacement surgery in January of 2020. His recovery was very rough - it truly is a miracle that he pulled through following this procedure. Add to heart failure: end stage renal on home hemodialysis and cirrhosis of the liver due to over administration of iron for anemia by the dialysis centers and a full left hip replacement due to avascular necrosis because of the effects of dialysate on the body, particularly the upper femur & hip area. It took almost 3 weeks before he really came out from under the effects of the heart surgery, needless to say, he was on his backside and lying down for more than one month. Yes, ICU nurses moved & turned him but thst does only so much. He had a couple of pretty good bed sores. I knew that when my dsd6returned home, he'd need some type of air mattress that would constantly keep him moving around so that then current sores could heal and so that no more developed as best could be avoided. Medicare did not want to go straight to the air mattress option, they wanted to first begin with a type of gel mattress topper that weighs about 3 tons and is harder than a rock. I knew that that wasn't going to work. So, between "crash coursing" Medicare, working within the parameters of hospital #3 (the heart surgery began at ICU, then to LTAC and finally #3, rehabilitation) which was really good about dropping, without or with little notice big events soon to cone - like discharging - and figuring out how to ascertain an air mattress of good quality that wouldn't destroy the bank accounts or result in something equal to financing a new vehicle, I came upon Vive Health. Talk about a true Godsend that I never anticipated. Now, the stage is set.

    I located Vive Health's 8" pressure mattress which appeared to be exactly what my dad would need. I reached out directly because I needed to have the product in-hand the following day. I went over every detail with the young woman that I spoke with and who was more polite and pleasant to work with just as any other that I spoke with. She helped me to arrange for next day delivery which was a success. To be fully transparent, I had one small product snafu that isn't worth the mention. It was quickly resolved and to this day, my dad sleeps on this mattress (we purchased a 5" mattress because he felt as though he was slightly less centered and stable on the 8"). He absolutely lives his 5" air mattress. As for me, maintenance, cleaning and sanitation are a breeze. And the air pump, which is slightly smaller than that for the 8", both are extremely quiet. In all, prior to and since, I have never had a more pleasant experience working with a vendor for medical needs for my father. Yes, there are many nice people to work with, most people are. But Vive Health, I feel/felt, went out of their way to accommodate my urgent needs and did so with a smile that I could hear over the phone.

    This is a very much far overdue and much deserved great review of Vive Health, their people and their products. Why I hadn't long ago done this, I don't know. I'm an only child caring for my terminally ill father with no outside support. I believe at the time I purchased this mattress, I was way in over my head for a while but nevertheless, came out unscathed. I will gladly return to Vive Health for any future needs of this or other similar type medical needs.


    Linda Lough (Bradenton, US)


    Works do well.


    Crystal Vaughan (Piedmont, US)

    Air Mattress

    I bought this for my mom. She is 75 years old and cant walk anymore' so she is on her backside a lot. My mom was getting bed sores. This product is awesome she loves it. She hasn't had any new sores come up and the ones she had healed.


    Barbara Evers (Longboat Key, US)


    I bought this for my 100 year old friend in the nursing home who was beginning to have circulation problems. She says she feels so much better when she gets up in the morning after a night's sleep on this mattress.


    What is the purpose of an alternating pressure mattress?

    This is a mattress replacement system for home or hospital beds. It has air-filled channels that alternate filling up and decompressing to keep bearing weight off certain areas, and allows blood flow to reach different areas of the body of immobilized or weak patients who cannot shift their weight frequently.

    What is included with my purchase? Do I need to purchase anything in addition?

    Everything you need is included with your purchase, nothing additional is required. Each unit includes the Vive 8” alternating pressure mattress, the Vive pressure pump, flexible air hose, one replacement air chamber and one patching kit.

    How do I know if I need an alternating pressure mattress?

    An alternating pressure mattress should be used for patients who are likely to spend more than 15 hours per day in bed or who are classified as medium to high risk of developing pressure ulcers, or bedsores.


    • Intended for use by those confined to a bed for an extended period of time
    • Prevents sores that are caused by prolonged bed rest


    • Power cord attached directly to pump
    • Electrical Power Supply : 110-120 volts

    Operation Instructions:

    1. Position the mattress on the bed and secure to the bed using the straps.
    2. Connect the mattress feed pipes to the compressor (pump) connector using the flexible hose.
    3. Secure the compressor and plug into an outlet.
    4. Turn on the mattress and begin use. Make sure the mattress has been fully inflated before positioning the patient on top of it.


    • Length: 80"
    • Width: 35"
    • Height: 8"
    • Pump:  10. 25 ” x 3.5” x 4.75”

    Care Instructions:

    • For best results, wipe down with a damp cloth coated with a detergent product solution or disinfectant
    • Do not use corrosive cleaning products such as industrial degreasers or acetic solvents

    What’s Included:

    • Vive Alternating pressure mattress
    • Vive digital compressor pump
    • Connecting air hose
    • Replacement air chamber
    • Patching Kit
    • One year guarantee on pump
    • 60 Day Guarantee on pad

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