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Pride - VivaLift - Ultra Lift Chair Recliner

Size: Small

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Pride VivaLift! Ultra Lift Chair Recliner: Elevate Comfort, Embrace Innovation

Introducing the VivaLift!® Ultra, a pinnacle of innovation and functionality in the realm of power lift chairs. Crafted by Pride Mobility, a trusted name in mobility solutions, the VivaLift! Ultra combines advanced features, customizable positioning, and a sleek design to provide users with an unparalleled lift chair experience.

Key Features You'll Love:

True-Infinite Positioning: The VivaLift! Ultra sets itself apart with True-Infinite Positioning, offering users the ability to customize the angles of the headrest, footrest, and backrest. This unique feature allows for an array of positioning combinations, including the option to lay completely flat. Individual control over the headrest and footrest is provided, catering to specific comfort preferences, even enabling users to raise their feet above heart level.

Small Space Compatibility: Ideal for bedrooms or compact living spaces, the VivaLift! Ultra comes in three sizes, each offering excellent small-space compatibility. With minimal distance-from-wall requirements, these sizes ensure that users can seamlessly integrate the lift chair into various room layouts.

Size Model Height Range Weight Capacity Chair Height Chair Width
Small ≤ 5'4" 400 lbs 41" 37"
Medium 5'5" - 6'1" 400 lbs 43" 39"
Large ≥ 5'10" 400 lbs 47" 39"

For users exceeding 400 pounds, Pride Mobility offers other high-weight capacity power lift chairs.

Design Elements: The VivaLift! Ultra boasts a stylish and modern design that complements a variety of furniture styles. Key design elements include a fully-padded, quilted chaise and four standard fabric options: Capriccio Smoke, Capriccio Cappuccino, Capriccio Dove, and Capriccio Slate. Additionally, the chair features a built-in, low-profile heat and massage remote conveniently located inside the armrest.

Bells and Whistles: Enhancing the overall experience, the VivaLift! Ultra comes equipped with a range of additional features, making it stand out in the world of power lift chairs:

  • A hidden cup holder that seamlessly tucks into the armrest when not in use.
  • A concealed wireless phone charger for added convenience.
  • An ergonomically-designed wired remote for intuitive control.
  • A lithium battery backup, ensuring functionality during power outages.
  • A gentle massage system with three intensity settings.
  • Three heating pads in the shoulders, lumbar, and seat for soothing comfort.

These features contribute to an overall experience that goes beyond the standard lift functionality, offering users an extra layer of luxury and relaxation in their everyday lives.

Why VivaLift! Ultra is Second to None: Crafted for and by individuals who rely on mobility technologies daily, the VivaLift! Ultra reflects a deep understanding of modern mobility challenges. From its advanced positioning technology to size-efficient models and additional mechanisms supporting quality of life, the VivaLift! Ultra power lift chair truly redefines comfort and innovation. Experience the best in lift chair technology with the VivaLift! Ultra, where functionality meets style for an elevated lifestyle.

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