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Pride - Jazzy Elite Heavy Duty - Power Chair

Size: 18 X 18 Seat
Color: Jazzy Blue

Introducing the Pride Jazzy Elite HD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair – the ultimate solution for those seeking superior performance on various terrains. Designed to tackle challenges with ease, this heavy-duty electric wheelchair stands out as a powerhouse of control, comfort, and durability.

Unmatched Performance: When your lifestyle demands the utmost in heavy-duty electric wheelchairs, the Jazzy Elite HD answers the call. Equipped with dual-motor, front-wheel drive technology, this power wheelchair is in a league of its own. The knobby 14-inch drive wheels are not just for show; they are ready for a challenge. These robust tires, accompanied by 3-inch anti-tip wheels on the front and 6-inch solid casters on the back, ensure effortless maneuverability even on uneven terrain.

Robust and Ready: With a hefty 450-pound weight capacity, the Jazzy Elite HD is built to handle the demands of users requiring a heavy-duty solution. Optimum weight distribution ensures top-notch traction, while the power-packed wheelchair covers up to 14.4 miles per charge, reaching a top speed of 4 mph. The Jazzy Elite HD effortlessly navigates tight corners with finesse, providing the user with control and confidence in various environments.

Easy-to-Operate Design: While power and grit are the Jazzy Elite HD's greatest strengths, ease of operation is a close contender. The intuitive in-line hand control allows for effortless maneuvering, ensuring that users can navigate with precision. The 24-inch turning radius, paired with a simple move of the joystick, enables smooth pivoting for enhanced control.

Comfort Redefined: Despite its heavy-duty capabilities, the Jazzy Elite HD prioritizes user comfort. The large 24-inch by 24-inch seat is not only spacious but also adjustable for depth. The high-back seat, with a limited recline feature and headrest, provides full-body support throughout the day. The broad and adjustable footrest adds to both comfort and stability, making the Jazzy Elite HD an ergonomic and user-friendly option.

Feature-Packed Design:

  • 450 lbs. weight capacity
  • Up to 4 mph maximum speed
  • 24" turning radius
  • Up to 14.4 miles per charge
  • Comfortable, depth-adjustable, limited recline high-back seat with headrest
  • Easy rear access to batteries
  • Intuitive controller for easy operation
  • Color-through shroud for added style
  • Angle-adjustable foot platform for greater comfort
  • Front-wheel drive design for excellent maneuverability
  • 14" knobby tires and optimum weight distribution for superior traction
  • 40A Dynamic LiNX controller
  • Extended 13-month limited warranty
  • HCPCS Code: Group 2 Heavy Duty (K0824/K0825)

Durable and Stylish: Not only does the Jazzy Elite HD pack a punch in performance and comfort, but it also boasts a sleek and stylish design. The color-through shroud not only adds flair but also serves a functional purpose, reducing visible scratches or scrapes.

In conclusion, the Pride Jazzy Elite HD Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair is not just a mobility aid; it's a powerhouse of performance, comfort, and durability. Experience the freedom to conquer various terrains with confidence, knowing that the Jazzy Elite HD is designed to exceed expectations. Trust in Pride's commitment to user well-being, with this heavy-duty electric wheelchair being an FDA Class II Medical Device designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments.

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