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Nova - Phoenix Rise-Up-Upright Walker

Color: Blue

Nova Phoenix Rise-Up Upright Rolling Walker: Stand Tall, Walk Proud

Introducing the Nova Phoenix Rise-Up Upright Rolling Walker, a revolutionary mobility solution designed to redefine the walking experience. With a unique and innovative design, this upright walker not only provides optimum control and stability but also allows users to maintain an erect posture, reducing body strain and fatigue. Walk confidently, stand tall, and embrace the freedom to move with the Nova Phoenix Rise-Up Upright Rolling Walker.

Key Features that Set the Phoenix Rise-Up Apart:

Erect Posture Walking: The Phoenix Rise-Up Upright Walker is engineered to empower users with the ability to walk in an erect posture. This distinctive feature not only enhances overall comfort but also reduces strain on the body, providing a walking experience that makes you look and feel years younger.

Accommodates a Range of Users: Designed for inclusivity, this upright rolling walker accommodates users with heights ranging from 5'2" to 6'0". The adjustable features ensure a personalized fit for individuals of different statures.

Locking Hand Brakes: Safety takes center stage with the locking hand brakes, providing users with control and stability during their walks. The reliable braking system ensures a secure and confident walking experience.

Wide Seat and Comfortable Backrest: Take a comfortable break whenever needed with the wide seat and supportive backrest. The ergonomic design prioritizes user comfort, allowing you to rest and recharge during your journeys.

Large (10-in.) Front Wheels: Navigate various terrains effortlessly with the large 10-inch front wheels. The enhanced handling ensures smooth and controlled movement, making the Phoenix Rise-Up suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Adjustable-Height Handles with Easy-Grips: Customize the walker to your preferred height with the adjustable handles featuring easy-grip design. Achieve a personalized and secure hold for an ergonomic walking experience.

Removable Tote Bag/Storage Pouch: Carry your personal items with ease using the removable tote bag/storage pouch. This practical addition ensures that your belongings are within reach during your walks.

Weight Capacity: With a weight-bearing capacity of 300 lbs., the Phoenix Rise-Up Upright Walker provides sturdy support for a wide range of users.

Available in Three Attractive Colors: Express your style with choices. The Nova Phoenix Rise-Up is available in three attractive colors, allowing users to pick a shade that resonates with their personality.


  • Manufacturer: Nova Medical
  • HCPCS Codes: E0143 & E0156
  • Handles: Width: 19 in. | Height Adjusts: 48.75 - 53 in.
  • Arm-Pad Height (floor to trough): 40.5 to 45.5 inches
  • Padded Sling Seat: 18 x 9 in. (W x D) | Height: 21½ in.
  • Wheel Diameters: Front 10-in. | Rear: 8-in.
  • Brakes: Locking Hand Brakes
  • Overall Unit Dimensions: 25x33x49¼-52¾-in. (WxDxH) | Folded: 12x33x49¼-52¾-in.
  • Weight: 20.5 lb.
  • Weight-Bearing Capacity: 300 lb.
  • User Height Range (Approximate): 5’2″ – 6'0"

In conclusion, the Nova 4801 Phoenix Rise-Up Upright Rolling Walker transcends the conventional mobility aid, offering a walking experience that is empowering, comfortable, and stylish. With its focus on posture, safety, and individualized comfort, this upright walker invites users to stand tall and walk proud, making every journey a celebration of freedom and mobility.

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